The Myth of Expiration Dates

It happened. Once again. You bought too much food, forgot about it or came home after a weekend trip, finding a milk carton or yoghurt pot in the fridge of which the expiration date has passed some days ago. While a few people might overcome themselves to at least skeptically sniff at the carton’s content, the majority will throw it straight away in the bin, in the belief that it’s not edible any more. What most of us don’t know is that a lot of products are still perfectly edible, although their expiration date might have passed already. Continue reading “The Myth of Expiration Dates”


Eggciting Easter Feasts!

Easter is here and it is time to celebrate this extended weekend with delicious breakfasts, brunches, and every other meal! In the midst of all the festivities, don’t forget to consider any food that can be used instead of wasted.

Continue reading “Eggciting Easter Feasts!”

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