• Wrap cling film around the stem of bananas to stop them (and other fruits) going ripe too quickly
  • Store potatoes away from onions and with apples to prevent them from sprouting
  • Place potatoes or potato peels in a bowl of salted water immediately after cutting to prevent them from being oxidised and turing brown
  • Place a paper kitchen towel in a bag of leafy greens to soak up moisture and make it last longer
  • Soak soft berries in 3 parts water, 1 part vinegar before rinsing to extend their life without changing the taste
  • An uncooked egg is fine to eat if it sinks in a bowl of water, however if it floats it is no longer edible
  • Freeze part of a loaf of bread until you need it so it doesn’t go to waste
  • Some foods produce ethylene gas, while others are sensitive to it and can go off early if stored near ethylene-producing foods




Photo credit: angelsblessingpeople.org