April 2016

Don’t get wasted – How to plan your party buffet

A lot of household level food waste is caused by insufficient planning for shopping and cooking. Parties are great occasions to prepare some delicious food for your friends and a great starting point for a nice evening. However, it can be quite difficult to decide how much to buy. Here are some tips and tricks of how to optimize your food planning for parties and how to avoid waste: Continue reading “Don’t get wasted – How to plan your party buffet”

Information Bite: Ethylene Gas

Have you heard of the phrase one rotten apple spoils the bunch? Well this phrase is in fact true! The reason for this is because of a biochemical gas that is released from some fruits and vegetables. Here’s a short information bite explaining why certain foods ripen faster than others, especially when placed with certain fruits or vegetables.

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Known as “the perfect food”, pasta is an easily-produced plant based food that has low carbon, water and land footprint in its production line[1]. It is also an easily stored, energy-dense food that is simple to make, simple in content, embraced around the world and added in so many diverse dishes[1]. Aside from all those benefits, it can be prepared in delicious ways!

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Leftover Pasta Muffin bites

Don’t throw that leftover pasta away! This is a simple and gourmet-looking recipe that will make good use of that extra cooked pasta. If wanted, you may alter parts of this recipe to try having it with different complementary ingredients.

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Sweet Cinnamon Pasta bites

Did you know that you can use your leftover pasta even to make desserts?! That’s right! This is an easy recipe that will save your leftovers from the trash bin.

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Leftover Pasta Frittata

Cooked too much pasta and don’t want to eat the leftovers the same old way anymore? Try making a Pasta Frittata very fast and with few ingredients! Can be served hot or cold, as a meal or snack.

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Cinnamon crust sticks

Many people cut off crusts, prefer sandwiches without them or have children that don’t like them. But don’t throw away you crusts as they can be made into delicious cinnamon sticks! These can be yummy desert treats or snacks at a party.  Continue reading “Cinnamon crust sticks”

It’s all about … bread!

Nothing tastes better than a slice of freshly baked bread hot out of the oven. However, it’s hard to eat an entire loaf of bread while it’s at its freshest. From the moment it’s done baking, it begins to lose its moisture. Finding a piece of stale bread in your pantry is therefore probably nothing unusual for you.

A good way to avoid bread turing bad in the first place is to freeze parts of it right after you bought it. This way you can enjoy some fresh bread every day. Just defreeze as much as you need for the next couple of days. Continue reading “It’s all about … bread!”

Cauli… leaf!

Cauliflower is a very common ingredient that is known both to guarantee nutritious intake and happy taste buds! But the greens that protect the white tree-looking part are normally chucked! Who says they can’t be used? These greens contain pretty much as much vitamins as the white part we regularly eat, which are mainly vitamins C and K[1], and can also be prepared in tasty ways! Here are some tips that might transform your view on cauliflower’s healthy, vitamin-rich leaves!

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