Easter is here and it is time to celebrate this extended weekend with delicious breakfasts, brunches, and every other meal! In the midst of all the festivities, don’t forget to consider any food that can be used instead of wasted.

Roast Dinners

Nothing beats a good old fashioned roast dinner Easter Sunday. If you will be enjoying this hearty treat, check out some of our recipes to see how you can avoid waste.
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Potatoes are a must for Easter roast dinner, if you plan on peeling your roasties, try out the Roasted potato peel recipe to avoid wasting any potatoey goodness and create a tasty snack.


If you plan to use carrots, don’t throw away the tops as these can be made into a delicious homemade pesto (which can be used as a lovely dip for your roasted potato peels).


Any leftovers? Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 12.58.34Try out our bubble and squeak recipe for a tasty bank holiday monday lunch.


Easter holidays are known for eggs, be they chocolate or from a chicken. If you are preparing eggs for breakfast this weekend, here are some tips to avoid spoiling and wasting them:

  • Place eggs in cold water to avoid them cracking from the heat, then start the timer when the water begins to bubble
  • Rinse boiled eggs in cold water after cooking to slow the yolk hardening and to make eggs easier to peel
  • Set a timer for 3 minutes for soft boiled eggs and 5 minutes for hard boiled eggs (however, this may vary depending on the size)
  • To check whether an egg is fresh or not submerge the egg in water. If the egg is fresh then it will sink, if it floats it is unfit for use.

If you have any eggs left after buying that 12-pack for all your breakfast meals, you can incorporate them into a recipe to avoid other food waste. If you have any bananas going brown, you can use your eggs with them to make Banana BreadBanana Cake or try out our new  Easter recipe of Meringue Banana Pudding.

Egg cress heads

But wait – don’t throw the shells away just yet! The outer shell of the eggs can be used to make fun herb pots before being wasted. Use the halves that are leftover to make egg cress heads. This can not only be a great easter decoration and a form of reusing what would otherwise be perceived as waste, but these are great for kids as they can watch the ‘hair’ grow!

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Photo credit: crafthubs.com


Here’s how to make them:

You will need: used egg shells, cotton wool, cress seeds

  • Make sure your egg shells are empty from eggs and rinse out the middle gently.
  • Put your eggs in egg cups and carefully decorate the shells with pens, paint, stickers or anything you like and leave to dry
  • Dip some cotton wool in water and squeeze off any excess. Place a small ball inside each shell.
  • Leave in a well-lit place for a week (a window sill is ideal) you should start to see your cress growing in just a few days.

Your cress can be used in a variety of dishes or just left for decoration.

Don’t stop at cress, any small plant can be used. You can make your own herb garden [1] on your windowsill or even a decorative collection [2].


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