Banana cake is a delicious way to use any over-ripe bananas. This cake contains vitamin B6 and C, potassium and fibre, so it’s yummy and nutritious!

This recipe takes around 1h 20min to prepare and cook. Eat it hot or put it in the fridge if you prefer a cold treat.


250g butter, at room temperature

1½ cups sugar

4 eggs

2 tsp vanilla extract

4 very or “over” ripe bananas, peeled and mashed

2 tsp baking soda

½ cup hot milk

3 cups flour

2 tsp baking powder

Chocolate frosting (optional):

1/4 cup margarine, melted

1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder

1/3 cup milk

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

3 1/2 cups confectioners’ sugar


  1. Preheat oven to 170°C. Line a medium (23cm-diameter) cake tin with baking paper.
  2. Beat butter and sugar until creamy. Gradually add and blend eggs to mixture. Mash bananas and stir into the mix with the vanilla.
  3. Dissolve baking soda in milk, combine to mixture.
  4. Sift in flour and baking powder and gently scoop repeatedly until smooth. Be careful to not over mix!
  5. Put batter into prepared tin. Bake for around 55 min to 1 hour. Poke in a fork or knife to check if it’s done (if it comes out clean, the cake is good!). Let it cool down a bit and then remove the cake from inside. 

While waiting for the cake to bake, you can quickly make the chocolate frosting:

  • In a bowl, beat margarine and cocoa together. Add the milk and vanilla; beat or stir until smooth. Gradually beat in confectioners’ sugar until it reaches a good smooth consistency.
  • Finally, spread the frosting on top of the cake until all is covered. Then, if you like it cold, put it in the fridge for around an hour, that should be enough.

It’s now ready to eat, share and enjoy!



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