March 2016

The Myth of Expiration Dates

It happened. Once again. You bought too much food, forgot about it or came home after a weekend trip, finding a milk carton or yoghurt pot in the fridge of which the expiration date has passed some days ago. While a few people might overcome themselves to at least skeptically sniff at the carton’s content, the majority will throw it straight away in the bin, in the belief that it’s not edible any more. What most of us don’t know is that a lot of products are still perfectly edible, although their expiration date might have passed already. Continue reading “The Myth of Expiration Dates”

Meringue Banana Pudding

This is a 45 minute recipe of a fancy looking and delicious Easter dessert dish!

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Eggciting Easter Feasts!

Easter is here and it is time to celebrate this extended weekend with delicious breakfasts, brunches, and every other meal! In the midst of all the festivities, don’t forget to consider any food that can be used instead of wasted.

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Wasted Water

Water is a valuable resource on our planet and many regions in the world are facing water scarcity. Water is an absolutely necessary component of our everyday life, not only by the water we directly use for cleaning, laundry, showering, brushing our teeth or flushing the toilet. There is a lot of ‘hidden water’ that we consume through our diet, it is contained in pretty much everything we eat or drink. This amount of water that is needed to provide a certain good or service is called virtual water and is often surprisingly high [1].

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Here in Europe, potatoes have been our staple food since they were introduced in the 16th century. Since then we have come up with many inventive ways of cooking potatoes, from baked potatoes to French fries. In the words of Samwise Gamgee (lord of the rings) “Boil ‘em, mash ‘em, stick ‘em in a stew”[1].

Potatoes provide essential carbohydrates for energy, while containing almost no fat. They also give you 21% of recommended daily potassium intake, all vital nutrients (except vitamin A and D), fibre and minerals such as iron, zinc and magnesium. Compared to corn, potatoes have more protein and nearly double the amount of calcium[2].

Despite our love of potatoes, they are one of the most wasted foods on the planet! In Sweden alone, 85,000 tonnes of potatoes were wasted in 2009[3]!

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Roasted potato peel recipe

Gone were the days where potato skins are thought of waste and thrown away. Roasting your potato peels will create a flavoursome light snack that provides vitamin C and other healthy nutrients contained in potato peels. This snack provides the best of crunchy crisps and flavoursome French fries.

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Bubble and Squeak recipe

This traditional English dish is created using all the leftover potatoes and vegetables from a roast dinner. The fun name of this dish is because of the bubbling and squeaking sounds that are made during the cooking process.

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Potato pancake recipe

Potatoes are one of the most wasted types of food that we throw away after preparing them for a meal[1]. But here’s a tasty recipe that you can use to turn last night’s left over potato into delicious breakfast potato pancakes!

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